Jan 02

IMMACC: The platform you need to market ANY business!

Sep 02

IMMACC Your Total Internet Marketing Mentorship Platform

IMMACC is the most complete Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center in the internet.  That is, in fact, what the name stands for!  You can learn how to market ANY business on the internet with IMMACC, but you can also make an insane income with the affiliate program that comes with a membership in this incredible program!                                                   

As a total newbie to the internet, so wet behind the ears that I didn't even know how to copy and paste with my mouse, I was thrilled to discover that not only could I make money online, I could prosper.  I did a review of what CEO Gerald Van Yerxa was up to, joined his team, and was off to the races!!

Sep 10

IMMACC Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center Set To Officially Launch New Name – Update

IMMACC, the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center is on track to launch the new website around September 15, 2010. Gerald Van Yerxa, the CEO told me tonight in an update that many of the pages of the old site have already had the graphics changes made to them. The process of moving files from one domain to the new domain (copies of files) is very tedious.

With over 37 gigabytes of content, the massive library of marketing training videos need to be moved from one server to the new server. Members are already marketing the new name. The day after the announcement of the new name to the current members, there were hundreds of competing pages on a google query. Three days after the announcement, there were thousands. Seven days after the announcement, there were over 1.2 million competing results in a search on google.

This massive amount of traffic shows how powerful the new name will be. Sales have also picked up and new members are coming aboard at rates we have never seen before.

Sep 08

IMMACC – History and Purpose

IMMACC was started in the fall of 2007.  The official launch was in 2008, but the name back then was Big Ticket To Wealth.  At that time, the products available in Big Ticket were a series of ebooks, flash videos and ongoing live webinars.

As time went by, Big Ticket To Wealth evolved into a program with a substantial training library (all of the live training was recorded) and it became more of a mentorship program.  The private, members only library became so large (with hundreds of hours of training) that in the summer of 2009, the company was re-branded into a mentorship program.  The products that were available at launch were still available, but the focus was more on teaching and mentoring.

In the summer of 2010, Big Ticket To Wealth officially changed its name to IMMACC which stands for the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center.

Sep 03

IMMACC, How Members Are Trained.

IMMACC members get instant access to the massive training library as soon as they complete the payments for their membership.  The 150+ training theatres are broken down both alphabetically and topically so it is relatively easy to find trainings on any subject.  All of the trainings are also color coded for the ease of the members.

The color coding of the trainings is broken down into Green for “get started”, Blue for “get set up”, Black for “get organized” Red for “free/low cost marketing information/ strategies” and Purple for “paid / advanced marketing information/ Strategies”.  Most new members find the color coding to be very helpful and they often focus on the “Get Started” training tutorials first.

The training theatre’s contain videos, written training and tips as well as PDF’s that can be downloaded for offline viewing.  Most members look for trainings that will show them what they need to know and then they go through the tutorials.  Most of the video tutorials are one to two hours long, and there are many theatre’s that have multiple videos in them.

Members that choose to market the IMMACC affiliate program also begin working right away on setting up their payment processor so that they can collect money online, their email autoresponder system, and their landing page and thankyou pages.  Once these are all set up, they can begin to drive targeted traffic to their website and hopefully convert views to leads and then leads to sales.